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for Union Parish

In-clinic diagnostics are a vital part of care offered at Union Veterinary Clinic. Our clinic has the most innovative blood chemistry and complete blood count analyzers available in veterinary medicine.... Read More


Welcome to Union Veterinary Clinic

Large Animal Care and Ambulatory Services

We provide routine and emergency medical services both at our hospital and in the field. We are equipped to handle almost any large animal emergency (e.g. colic/laceration repair/calf delivery). We also perform routine...

In Clinic Diagnosis

Our facility offers some of the most advanced laboratory equipment in use by veterinarians, offering complete blood count, comprehensive blood chemistries, and blood thyroid levels. We also offer in house snap tests that provide...

What We Do

Let Union Veterinary Clinic care for your furry family member while you are gone!!! Our hospital offers a wide array of boarding suitable for the largest dogs down to young kittens. Are your pets best pals? They can board together!! Boarding at Union Veterinary Clinic allows your pets to be under close supervision by our professionally trained staff. If the unlikely event your pet becomes ill at our facility; our doctors are just a bark or meow away!!!

Union Veterinary Clinic combines our compassion for your furry family member with the highest quality of care and attention. The philosophy of our practice remains that preventative medicine is always more successful than emergency medicine.


  • Monday -       8:00am - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday -      8:00am -  5:30pm
  • Wednesday - 8:00am -  12:00pm
  • Thursday -     8:00am -  5:30pm
  • Friday -         8:00am -  5:30pm
  • Saturday -     8:00am -  12:00pm
  • Sunday -       Closed

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